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tennis nairobi kenya

Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
Tennis Nairobi Kenya - JD Tennis courts

Tennis Nairobi Kenya – JD Tennis courts

Tennis in Nairobi Kenya started officially in 19th century through the inception of the Kenya Lawn Tennis Association – KLTA. It was influenced by the white community, introducing sports activities . It was for most a recreational sport. [ tennis Nairobi Kenya ] Over the years, the game has evolved into a competitive sport with Kenya being represented in regional and global competitions. As a result of this growth, Mr Jim Davies, who had a great passion for tennis conceptualized the idea of having professional training facility and staff ┬áto meet the growing demand and interest tennis in Kenya generated. This was the beginning of JD Tennis Academy in Nairobi Kenya. (more…)

Training/Workout Tips

Posted on Monday, May 20th, 2013

Tennis for fitnessHEALTH
Before you start to work out, if you have any medical problems check it with a doctor and also inform your instructor.

Wear loose fitting absorbent clothes. Do not wear plastic vinyl or rubber clothes. This type of clothing prevents perspiration, keeps heat in and cool air out. IT WILL NOT ASSIST IN WEIGHT LOSS!! You go to the gym to workout so be comfortable. (more…)